"Are we writing a letter?"

Translation:Piszemy list?

March 7, 2016

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This accepted „Czy piszemy list?” but I was surprised to see the canonical answer was shown as „Piszemy list?” When is it correct to leave out „czy” in a question like this?

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Always. Or almost always.


„Czy” helps to disambiguate your question from a nomal sentence, but most of the time the intonation or the question mark works just fine.


I would encourage learners to use "czy" all the time. It always appropriate, you cannot be rude, and it is clear it is a question, which with beginners pronunciation could be a problem.

You just have to learn that usually you just add "czy" at the beginning, but sometimes in short sentences word order changes, so pronouns, "się", and "something" are not at the end.

Piszemy coś? Czy coś piszemy?


Perhaps you are right, but once you feel more comfortable, you should start dropping them to be more efficient. It should'n be that hard to learn for European language speakers to learn that intonation as it's not really that much different probably from the accent in their questions.

South Romance and other Slavic languages speakers should be familiar with this concept. Generally this is the only way for them to form questions in their native languages.


When I hover over "letter", it also shows litera. But when I put "Czy piszemy litera?" as the answer, I get it marked as incorrect. Am I missing something?


And it would be "Czy piszemy literę?", with Accusative. For just one letter, of course.

"list" is both Accusative and Nominative - so here it's Accusative.


„Litera” is just a character, like A, B, C. The letter that you send to someone is „list'.


What rule, if any, makes piszemy mean "you write" as well as "we write"? How is that not confusing in every day conversation?

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Hm, it is not like that.

  • ja piszę (attention to the diacritic)
  • ty piszesz
  • on/ona/ono pisze
  • my piszemy
  • wy piszecie
  • oni/one piszą (attention to the diacritic)

You can check all the forms of (almost) any Polish word in http://sgjp.pl/ - in this case: http://sgjp.pl/leksemy/#255161/pisa%C4%87


Gdzie znak zapytania? Bez niego to jest stwierdzenie, a nie pytanie

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W języku angielskim zdanie oznajmujące ma inną składnię niż pytanie, a Duolingo generalnie ignoruje znaki interpunkcyjne (z wyjątkiem apostrofów, które w języku angielskim są gramatycznie i ortograficznie istotne).

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