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  5. "Gallwn i aros os hoffet ti."

"Gallwn i aros os hoffet ti."

Translation:I could stay if you would like.

March 7, 2016



Aros means both stay and wait - so this can be translated as "I could wait if you like". Have reported it! haha. Why does this keep happening though?


It's because each possible answer has to be inputted manually, and since I believe there are about 2000 setences taught, and each setence that refers to "you" having three different versions (Ti, Chi, Chdi) then it's quite easy to see how they would have missed a few. Also certain sentences just wouldn't come to certain people due to dialect i.e if they are southern they won't necessarily think to put a "Chdi" sentence in.


I can totally help with the inputting. Dim ond rhaid I chi ofyn :)


Also, I'm referring to "aros" not "chi/ti/chdi" ???


I know, I just used them because Ti/Chi/Chdi are a good example of the variety one sentence can have.


Oh OK. Sorry. And thanks!


Is this said in North Wales, any Gogs out there, do you say Gallwn i


Mi fedrwn i or Baswn i'n medru is what's taught to students in the north, I believe.

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