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  5. "Вас звати Віктор."

"Вас звати Віктор."

Translation:Your name is Victor.

March 7, 2016



What is the use of "вас" ? Why wasn't "ви" used instead?


Because this verb works like "They call him Victor" and you don't say "They call he Victor". In an English sentence with you, you don't see the difference, but with he/him or ви/вас, you do see that difference.


Is this a question or a statement? As a question to a second person is should translate as " Is your name Viktor" and used when approaching someone you have never seen before but are familiar with via other communication. If it is a statement, then there are very limited circumstances of use such as naming of a newborn or assignment temporary alternate identity. An explanation of the situational use of this common phrase would be appreciated.


Yes, it is a statement, and yes, it is pretty weird to see such statements, but imagine a situation like this: You know exactly that the person is called Viktor, but he says that his name is Ivan. You reply: "This is not true! Your name is Viktor".


Why is this valid as звати ? I thought that was for females... am I just confusing myself?

[deactivated user]

    «Звати» is gender-neutral, it's an infinitive.'

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