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The Iphone App

I just downloaded it today. Can't wait to get stuck someplace waiting on line now. Thanks Duo Lingo

January 19, 2013



Where's the Android app? Can't wait for THAT! :)


Wow, I started with the iPhone app and only now began using the web. The web is a MUCH richer experience. Hope the iPhone app gets enhanced soon!


What features do you miss the most? I'm sure we have some of them in the works :).


Summary of future lessons (to know what coming, which branch to focus on, etc.)

Timed Practice. Which is kinda frustrating but also cool.

Mic questions (speak this phrase). Translate this phrase with voice. This should be optional since it depends on surrounding environment.

Vocabulary lists and practice.

Option of three sentences after translation.

Edit: I was introduced to Duolingo through the iPhone app. It is very good, but I was blown away but how much more featured the web interface is. I realize some things are a space/medium consideration, but the Translation process on the Web version blows the iPhone's out of the water.


Explanation of mistakes instead of just BZZZZZZT WRONG! :-) Conjugation/declension of new words on mouseover/touch.


I agree with BadExample man. I find the app disappointing compared to the web. Often the English translation is poor, eg today the use of absolutely when in English it should have been definitely. Since there is no discussion possible, the writer can't learn from his/her mistakes. The app. also seems to be too simple. What happens when you skip the pronunciation, because you are on public transport-?

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