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  5. "Lle aeth hi ddoe?"

"Lle aeth hi ddoe?"

Translation:Where did she go yesterday?

March 8, 2016


  • 2003

Ble in South Wales, Lle in North Wales


As "to" was in the picking list I wrote "where did she go to yesterday" which I know isn't grammatically ideal English, but the "to" is often added in South Wales (and the South West of England). It wasn't accepted.


Probably because it would've been "I le aeth hi ddoe?" or "I ble aeth hi ddoe?" or "I le wnaeth hi fynd ddoe?" in Welsh.


"I ble" doesn't mutate to "i fle", does it ?


ble is already mutated from pa le "which place". It can't mutate any further.


So there are actually two mutations hidden in the word ble (the b from p, and the l from ll)?


So there are actually two mutations hidden in the word ble (the b from p, and the l from ll)?

That's right. pa caused soft mutation from lle to le, and then the p- itself mutated, perhaps from frequent use in constructions such as i ba le "to which place" where the preposition i causes soft mutation as well.


Historically, "Ble" comes from "Pa le" (literally "which place"). Over time, it became "Ble" in parts of Wales while others just decided to drop the "Pa" and just leave the word "lle" place as the question word


The Dodd in very unclear - sounds like “oi” unless you play it very slowly

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