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  5. "W tą środę."

"W środę."

Translation:On this Wednesday.

March 8, 2016



Now I know that it was accusative, that should be used with the structure (w...weekday) but shouldn't this sentece be then "W tę środę". Tą is instrumental case :/ -> I was confused and tried to figure it out. ->I found this (link below)on internet and it seems to be that "tą" is more used even though it is gramatically wrong. Jestem poprawny? :)



"tą" in accusative is so popular mistake, some dictionaries describe it as acceptable in common speech, but it should not be what we teach others.

Also "jestem poprawny" is not what a Polish person would say, "mam rację?" " nie mylę się?" are more common."


You are right, „tą” is quite commonly incorrectly used instead of „tę” and has become acceptable in casual speech. Nonetheless, it should be reported as not quite grammatically correct.

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