"Co jemy na śniadanie?"

Translation:What do we eat for breakfast?

March 8, 2016

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Doesn't 'jemy' mean (we) eat? Wouldn't 'What are we eating for breakfast?' be a better translation?


Having and eating here are pretty much synonymous.


I tried "What are we eating at breakfast?" and it wasn't accepted.


thanks for explaining about the will possibilty.


Please, do not edit your questions. There's no shame in asking question and it can help future people having a similar one.


It's not required to write this sentence in future tense in English, nor it was written in future tense in Polish.


Can we distinguish between 'for breakfast' and 'at breakfast'?


In what situations can you say "at breakfast" instead of "for breakfast"?


'For breakfast' indicates that you're referring to the main ingredient of the breakfast. If you say 'at breakfast' it's just one of the components. So 'eggs for breakfast' suggests she doesn't eat much else at that meal, whereas 'eggs at breakfast' either indicates that she eats eggs at breakfast but not at another meal, or that eggs are just a part of her breakfast.


Oh, I see. In that case, if I wanted to say that eggs are just a secondary part of the breakfast, I would maybe say "Jem jajka do śniadania".

But I can't think of a better way to say that I only eat eggs at breakfast time instead of other parts of the day than to simply say "Jem jajka tylko na śniadanie" (or, again, "do śniadania", if the eggs are not the most important there).

Anyway, all of that is if somebody actually cares about the main-secondary distinction. You might hear "na śniadanie" for either situation anyway.


But we can also have some attractions at breakfast, besides food; can’t we? The Polish question asks only about the menu.


Why ,,what are we eating for the breakfast,, is not correct?


Although 'the breakfast' (some specific breakfast, the breakfast this morning) would seem logical for a Polish person... somehow we just say simply "for breakfast" anyway.

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