"Jak masz na imię?"

Translation:What is your name?

March 8, 2016

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What is this 'na'? I don't get where it comes from, why it's always in this phrase; please explain!

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The preposition "na" can mean "for" and take accusative . We learnt it once before with the expression na sniadanie (for breakfast).For example "co jesz na sniadanie?" what are you eating for breakfast. In this example, the literal translation is " what do you have for a name?" and na takes accusative .


Is this considered rude? Should it instead be Jak pan ma na imię? Or Jak ma na imię?


Well, it surely is not formal, but it's not rude. It could be "Jak pan ma na imię", although somehow I think I'd ask a stranger for a full name and ask "Jak się pan nazywa?".

"Jak ma na imię?" doesn't work here, it would be a question about some 3rd person singular subject that must be known from the context.


How does 'Jak masz na imię' becomes 'Jak się pan nazywa' from where does 'się' come from and what does it mean? Also second question: what is nazywa means name and also imię Are they synonym?

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When do you use jak and not a conjugated nominative form like jaki/jaka/jakie?


What is your FIRST name.

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