"Now he will be able to be happy."

Translation:Teraz będzie mógł być szczęśliwy.

March 8, 2016

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Should be "Teraz będzie mógł być szczęśliwy"


to sum up discussion : please report this sentence, we should not teach it.


Both variants should be correct (I think), although yours looks much nicer.


I'm native speaker and believe me - the "móc" variant is not correct :) http://pl.bab.la/koniugacja/polski/moc I hope you will be able to check this website and it will help you somehow. [This website is really cool because you can write any verb and it will give you all possible conjugation :)] duolingo staff should correct it but I don't know how to let them know haha


Well, surprise, I am native speaker too. :)

„Móc” is of course an infinitive form and generally you can form future tense with future „być” + infinitive or future „być” + past tense form. (and it seems babla doesn't recognise the first possibility for any verb).

If somebody would use the sentence above all I could say is that it doesn't look nice, but I'm unable to cite any specific rule that would forbid it.


haha so why do we speak in english? Ok you are right, it is correct. Anyway I've never heard that before :D http://www.wsjp.pl/index.php?id_hasla=35513&id_znaczenia=3884669&l=1


It's nice for any bypassers to be able to read our conversation for educational purposes.


Please discuss in English! It would be very hard for learners to understand all but the most trivial discussions otherwise.


It's hard to find a compelling source on the prescriptive correctness of the phrase "będzie móc być". Nevertheless, it sounds really unnatural and I reported it as such.


Deleted all the options with "móc".


"Teraz będzie umiał być szczęśliwy" - czy to tłumaczenie tutaj nie pasuje?


"Teraz będzie umiał być szczęśliwy" was rejected, it is not clear why as this is a sentence where "be able to" and "know how to" are synonymous contextually.


My response, "teraz on potrafi być szcześliwy", should be accepted.


Dlaczego to jest nieporpawne: "On teraz będzie mógł być szczęśliwy"?


Shouldn't it recognize ,,teraz będzie mógł być szczęśliwym'' as another correct answer instead of a typo?


What about "już" instead of "teraz"? Już on będzie mógł być szczęśliwy.

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