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New HACK found!!! HELP!!!

I was reviewing my classroom for my students and I found a quick hack that lets them get 3/4 of the task completed. The hack is touching the skip and continue several times and then 3/4 of the lesson is completed. Then my students will only have to do 1/4 of the assignment. PLEASE FIX!!!!

I made this classroom for my students to have an experience with spanish, since they won't stop asking me what I am saying when I speak spanish. But when I found this hack all of it went down hill.

I have already began the lessons and I wanted to dl something tougher. I guess now I know why my students have been finishing so quickly.


March 8, 2016



Hi kittenface16,

I fear Duo will hardly be able to do something since the description is very vague.

  • Web version? Android app? Windows app? iOS app?
  • If web version, which OS? And which version of it?
  • If web version, which browser? And which version of it?
  • If an app, which version of it?

Any special conditions under which this happens?
For instance, is it by any chance happening by disconnecting the WIFI for the first 3/4 then putting it back for the last 1/4?

Also, the best thing is to check they're not cheating when doing Duo in class + giving them some simple tests (like picking some sentences from Duo's exercises) and see if they can do it. If they didn't cheat they will, if they cheated, they'll not. So an easy way to check and they may cheat the first time but will stop afterwise.


But clicking the skip button won't increase the progress bar. It'll decrease.


No it increased it several times until 3/4 of the lesson was done


That is so bizarre! For me, it decreases, but it must be different for the classroom duolingo.


In Duolingo Classroom there is an activity called "Power Practice". In those lessons, you CAN skip and the progress bar WILL slowly, but surely, progress. If this is not it, then I am not sure.


Is it a timed practice?


You need to remove them from your classroom so they can't hack on your tasks.


This does not happen for me

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