"Am I clean?"

Translation:Jestem czysty?

March 8, 2016

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Do you have to decline for your own gender in this type of sentence? i.e "mężczyzna mówi 'jestem czytsty' , ale kobieta mówi 'jestem czytsta'"?


A little typo: „jestem czysty” and „jestem czysta”.

And yes, you have to do that for all three persons. The past tense even has verbs that you have to conjugate with gender.


jestem czysty? that should be enough


True. Will work now.


"jestem czysty" is not accepted.


Will be accepted now.


Czy jestem myje. What about that?


That makes no sense, I'm afraid. It means "Am I I clean" or something like that.

I see that "myję" is a hint for "I clean", and it's a correct hint... if the sentence was "Every day I clean the floor". "myję" is the 1st person singular form of "myć", meaning "to clean". So your answer is a result of the bug that puts a multi-word hint always on top even if it doesn't have anything to do with the given sentence.

I put the whole two-word sentence "jestem czysty"/"jestem czysta" in hints so they always appear on top here from now on.

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