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"Mam czas gotować tylko w weekendy."

Translation:I have time to cook only on weekends.

March 8, 2016



As a native speaker of British English I have always said "at the weekend" and "at weekends". I can understand speakers of other varieties of English who use "on" rather than "at" but it sounds odd to me.


Learning Polish is one thing; having to learn to speak American English is quite another ... argh! It will always be 'at the weekend' to me.


I'm not a native English speaker (I'm Dutch) but "on weekends" sound quite odd to me too.


Well, below we have some comments from Trofaste, who is also a native British English speaker, and she herself added a variant with "on weekends"...


The whole world doesn't say it, but the Americans do. They also think "at weekends/the weekend" is weird. ;)


Well that's settled then. I'll have to get used to it. Thanks for the comment.


Why is it not 'we weekendy'? Is it because the sound is a 'weeee' sound for 'weekendy'?


Weekendy is a word borrowed from English and is pronounced as 'łikendy' therefore there is not double 'w' as in i.e. we wrześniu (in September).

Also check this comment for 'w/we' usage https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13678518


You may not still be active but I wanted to ask this same question...glad you asked and I’m glad luless clarified. I had not “consciously” been listening to the pronunciation of weekend. Interesting rule to keep in mind.


W wArszawie(in warsaw)and we wRześniu(in september)


What about "during" in this case (I have time to cook only during the weekends"?


Not sure if natives would say that, but from an ESL speaker's point of view it looks okay in this context... added, at least until someone starts fiercely protesting.

Also added "at".


I have only time to cook on weekends.


I believe that would mean that cooking is the only thing for which you have time on weekends.


Now you tell me how it is so that "I have time for cooking on weekends only" is counted as a mistake, but the presumably correct answer the application suggests is "I only have time for cooking on weekends".


I added "I have time for cooking on weekends only", thanks.


I know that in Aus and NZ, it's quite natural for us to say "to only cook on weekends", we tend to split infinitives.


Splitting infinitives is common enough (it's not that big of a deal) but I'm also Australian and we don't say "I have time to only cook".


Only on weekends do I have time to cook. Perfect English, or ....


There's nothing wrong with that sentence.


Sorry; what I intended to write was "I have time only on weekends to cook" should be accepted, as the meaning is the same.


That word order is a bit too messy. "Have time to do sth." should really not be split up.

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