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"I have two rooms and a bedroom."

Translation:У мене є дві кімнати і спальня.

March 8, 2016


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Could "у мене є дві кімнати і одна спальня" also be correct?

[deactivated user]

    I don't understand why 'спальню' and 'спальня' are good answer. I can use either nominative or accusative case here ?

    [deactivated user]

      This depends on the construction you use. If you use the verb «мати» 'to have', then you need an accusative: Я ма́ю дві кімна́ти і спа́льню (this construction is basically the same as the one English uses). If you use the existence construction, «У ме́не є дві кімна́ти і спа́льня» (literally, 'at my [possession, there] are two rooms and [a] bedroom'). Both are equally natural, and you can use either.

      You can't use nominative if you use the verb "to have" («Я ма́ю дві кімна́ти і спа́льня» is wrong), and you can't use accusative if you have the "there is" construction («У ме́не є дві кімна́ти і спа́льню» is wrong). If Duolingo suggests one of these, it's a bug.


      Я маю дві кімнати і спальню. But кімнати is feminine, so wouldn't the ending change here? (accusative plural)


      кімнати is the accusative plural. It is also the nominative plural and genitive singular.


      "У мене є дві кімнати і спальня кімната". Чому так не може бути?

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