"I have two rooms and a bedroom."

Translation:У мене є дві кімнати і спальня.

March 8, 2016

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Could "у мене є дві кімнати і одна спальня" also be correct?


Я маю дві кімнати і спальню. But кімнати is feminine, so wouldn't the ending change here? (accusative plural)


кімнати is the accusative plural. It is also the nominative plural and genitive singular.


Should be pronounced мЕне, not менЕ because it is preceded by a preposition

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    I don't understand why 'спальню' and 'спальня' are good answer. I can use either nominative or accusative case here ?

    [deactivated user]

      This depends on the construction you use. If you use the verb «мати» 'to have', then you need an accusative: Я ма́ю дві кімна́ти і спа́льню (this construction is basically the same as the one English uses). If you use the existence construction, «У ме́не є дві кімна́ти і спа́льня» (literally, 'at my [possession, there] are two rooms and [a] bedroom'). Both are equally natural, and you can use either.

      You can't use nominative if you use the verb "to have" («Я ма́ю дві кімна́ти і спа́льня» is wrong), and you can't use accusative if you have the "there is" construction («У ме́не є дві кімна́ти і спа́льню» is wrong). If Duolingo suggests one of these, it's a bug.


      "У мене є дві кімнати і спальня кімната". Чому так не може бути?


      Because спальня is noun, not adjective. You can say спальнА кімната.

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