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New types of exercise: change or recognize tense

It would be nice if we could have two types of new exercises:

1) Change the tense of a given sentence from A to B.

2) Recognize tense (multiple choice)

These would be nice, because in the current exercises for a certain tense one can be confident that all sentences are in the tense being learned.

In reality, though, one often needs to recognize the tense and change sentences from one tense to another.

These exercises would be reasonably easy to implement, and would actually make one THINK about the differences of the tenses.

January 19, 2013



Or perhaps more simply: correct this sentence. It gives you a mangled sentence in your target langage, and you have to provide a corrected version of it.


And sentences with verbs in infinitive in brackets so you have to put them in correct tense.


Yeah, agree with you. I have a problem of using correct tenses in French >.<


They have that in the iPhone app. You get 4 choices of the same verb in different conjugations.


The problem with your suggestion is that Duolingo wants their learners to be able to learn the language even if they don't want to mess with grammar. So to say, they want the learners to "get a feel" of the language.

I don't necessarily agree with this idea, but using strict grammar expressions is (in my opinion) beyond this method of learning.


Perhaps this (and other more grammar-focused exercises) would be a good direction for an advanced series after the standard course run is complete. Or, they could be extra exercises that don't affect your progress. Sometimes drilling works.

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