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"Su único deseo era ver a su hijo de nuevo."

Translation:Her one wish was to see her son again.

March 8, 2016



Actually, it should be "Her only wish...." I think.


That should be fine, too.


"His single wish" which I put, is surely the same as "his sole wish" or "his one wish"?


It is; I've added it to the accepted translations.


How do you know whether it's a male or female is being referred to? I said her and DL rejected, replacing it with his.


Without more context, you can't know. I'm not on the Spanish team anymore (and don't remember what the responses were), but from the top of this post, it looks like the primary response is "her one wish was to see her son again." So the system should accept "her," unless there's something funky about the way the sentences were entered. Are you sure there wasn't another mistake somewhere in your response? (If there was, Duo would have suggested whatever it thought you were trying to type, and depending on the mistake, it might've guessed "his.")


I agree with you 100% this really blew my mind


"Her only desire was to see her son again" was also accepted.


one wish is the same as only wish>


Que triste es eso?

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