Baking in Welsh! (With English Subtitles) Torte Siocled a Sinsir (subtitles) Myffin Brecwast (subtitles) Cacen Lemwn (no subtitles) Ffondant Ffansi (subtitles) Cacen Alys (subtitles)

Sadly my Welsh isn't at a stage where I can understand most of this but it combines two things I love, Cymraeg & cake and some have English subtitles too!

These are my faves but there are lots more baking videos in Welsh if you type BECWS into youtube! :)

3 years ago

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Nice videos, thanks for sharing! She has a nice voice and way of speaking. I'm so happy every time I recognize a word. It's a good way to know what I've learned already, to revise numbers and colours and learn a few useful words.

Also, her "Cawl Pupur Coch a Tsili" looks delish! I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow!

2 years ago
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