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"Hva gjorde du med datamaskinen min?"

Translation:What did you do with my computer?

March 8, 2016



It's all...sticky...for some reason.


Yeah. It won't go


What is there to distinguish "on the computer" (marked wrong) and "to the computer" (correct answer)? And her on the comment thread it says "with". I might well say "what were you doing on my computer/phone" if I find someone's been playing – and as all three (on, to, and with are given as options for "med" – so why was "what did you do on my computer" marked wrong?


This is like Big Brother talking to his sibling


gjorde and gjøre , past and present .the difference in sound is almost unnoticeable (to me at least) are norwegians saying that they can actually hear the difference in the middle of speech?


We certainly can, but it's all in the first vowel sound. The "d" in "gjorde" is silent.


Thanks for the reminder that the word Datamachine is in Norwegian. It's so cool.

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