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How about English?


I am curiously searching for the option to learn English. I want to test my self and improve.

May I know how to find that?

January 19, 2013



You have to go to your profile. Click "more..." in the dropdown menu under the flag on the top left.


I can't see it.It is redirecting to the settings page.

Under the option Learning Language, In the selection list... I am seeing French, German, Portuguese and Spanish etc. But not English.

I tried creating another account to start from scratch. But the same issue there. Could any one direct me in a right way?


It's not possible to "learn more" english, if it's your primary language (english > english), however it is possible to learn english if you already know Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. (This can be done, as naten clarifys, by going to your profile, find the drop-down menu, Learning Language, and click one of the last three options)

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