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"Wir brauchen wenigstens eine Stunde."

Translation:We need at least an hour.

January 1, 2014



Is there a difference between 'wenigstens' and 'mindestens'?


They are roughly synonymous. Both translate to at least in English. You can always say one when you can say the other, but depending on Situation one is preferred over the other.

If used as "as much or more than", mindestens is preferred:

<pre>Du brauchst mindestens 30 Punkte — You need at least 30 points. </pre>

But when it's not about numbers, wenigstens (or its synonym immerhin) is preferred:

<pre>Wenigstens sind wir noch am Leben — At least we're still alive. </pre>


Wouldn't 'mindestens' be a better adverb than a 'wenigstens' in this exercise?


Is there a difference between zumindest and wenigstens and mindestens?



It was posted in other comments already, but in case it helps anyone else looking here first, there it is again!


This site jerks all over the place, jumping back up to the top, over and over again, so it becomes unreadable! Has anyone else had this problem? I couldn't get past the section on what "-stens" means, so still don't know the difference in usage between "zumindest" and "wenigstens". (sigh) I was able to read that "wenigstens" is used with numbers.


In the question a countable quantity of "eine Stunde" (one hour) is used. So it seems to me the adverb should be "mindestens" rather than "wenigstens". Thoughts?


Wenigstens, zumindest, mindestens...how many ways can you say "at least"!?


wenigstens vs am wenigsten?


Why is 'We need an hour at the least' rejected?


Probably because it hasn't been suggested yet! Report it next time you get the chance - I see nothing wrong with it.


I have reported it :)


How come it's not We need at least a hour. Why is it an. An is only used after a vowel.


In case you haven't found the answer yet (or anyone else is wondering the same): "an" is used before vowel sounds, regardless of whether there's actually a vowel. So you use "an" before an unvoiced H, but not before a voiced H: an honor, an hour, an honest mistake a horse, a house, a hammer

I may be wrong about this part, but I believe in some cases, it depends on the region, eg: US: a hero, a historic event UK: an hero, an historic event


UK: an hero, an historic event

As a Brit, I have never heard (or used) "an hero", but "an historic event" is familiar to me (and I may have used it on the odd occasion :P).

[deactivated user]

    'An' is only used before a vowel.


    You've got ten minutes, Scotty.


    I do not understand why mindestens is not used here; please can you explain


    "Wir brauchen mindestens eine Stunde." should definitely be accepted ("mindestens" is listed as the second meaning of wenigstens on Duden), and—to be honest—I'm pretty sure it already is, so I'd recommend not only reporting it if you come across it again, but taking a screenshot as well, as it might be a bug causing your solution to be rejected.

    please can you explain

    Just a little FYI: as you've not replied to a comment, that "you" is pretty ambiguous.


    Why not "We need an hour at the least"

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