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  5. "Sto osiemdziesiąt cztery."

"Sto osiemdziesiąt cztery."

Translation:One hundred eighty-four.

March 8, 2016



If this is 184. The english would be 'one hundred and eighty four', if this is 100 80 4, then yes it would be as each number described.


In most of the world, yes, but speakers from North America miss out and.


And the only thing by which you can tell that it's 184 and not 100, 80, 4 is the lack of commas.


The app didn't provide 'and' as an option in providing an answer, if written out in English there needs to be an 'and'


There certainly does not need to be an 'and'. This is one hundred eighty four. It could ALSO be one hundred 'and' eighty four, but it by no means NEEDS to be.


I believe he meant that, to cater for non americans, there would need to be an and included in the set of words we select the answer from :)


For those who are interested (not everyone, I accept) in British English, the 'and' is required, so this allows only a non-British answer currently.


One/A hundred and eighty four already works.


Not in the version where you are given a limited set of words and there is no 'and'.


In that exercise, Duolingo accepts all of the correct responses, including the one phrased in American English.

When you're asked to type an answer freehand, it does indeed accept the International English version, as Jellei has said.


There is no 'and' in the multiple choice options!


The main answer is "one hundred eighty-four" which I believe is American usage.


I've seen a lot of people writing Poles writing number into one word, for example, they would write "dziewięćdziesiątdziewięć" instead of "dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięć". Do they do this on purpose just to make long polish words?


Well, for normal numerals it's not okay. But you can encounter it with some adjectives for example. „Dziewięćdziesiątdziewięć” is not okay, but „dziewięćdziesięciodziewięciometrowy” is a valid word.


That's really strange, I've never encountered it. It's simply not correct.


Why is "A hundred and eight-four" wrong, when it's a perfectly acceptable translation?

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