"He has his cup."

Translation:On ma swój kubek.

March 8, 2016

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Is this sentance in this lesson to point out that 'his - own' and 'his - as in another guys' is different or can jego refer to both?


„Jego” can refer to both, but for this reason it might be considered ambiguous. In fact, seeing a sentence like „On ma jego kubek.” I would sooner think that he has somebody else's cup. „Swój” as "his own" is more precise and quite common.


Thanks, this is from the swoj etc lesson, so it seemed odd as an exercise


I guess an occasional curve ball keeps us on our toes, and a good counter example helps put the lesson into perspective


This one is annoying because there is exacactly tge same sentence in the batch that says "swoj," but whatever.


"jego" and "swój" are equally good answers because with the English sentence and a lack of context you can't really know whose cup it is: his own or some other guy's. So one of the options just shows as the translation a bit randomly.

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