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Thought on lesson lengths/hearts

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Heya everyone! I've been steadily going through my Spanish course, loving all of it, but sometimes I'm finding that I'm failing more lessons than I'm passing. I'm beginning to wonder if the lessons might be a little too long, or if we might not have enough hearts to begin with.
Certainly, in the earlier lessons, 3 hearts is plenty, but when you're say doing a review lesson which has a good 20 questions.....not so much.
Duolingo has done a great job trying to make it easier for you with the ability to regain half a heart if you correct your answer, and the heart refill bonus, but sometimes it still isn't enough.
Perhaps they could include an option if you fail to buy a heart-refill if you do run out? I have plenty of lingots, but I never remember to buy any bonuses until it's too late.

What do you think? Should we have more hearts at the beginning of longer lessons, or am I just bad at learning languages? ;)

4 years ago


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I have the same problem, but I will never buy a heart refill. To me it feels like cheating. Just keep on putting the effort and it'll make passing it even more sweet. ^__^

4 years ago


If you keep failing lessons, you probably haven't learnt the concepts properly. That's OK, it just means you have to practice a bit more :)

4 years ago