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Leader board not showing points.

When I cam online to Duolingo today, all of the points of the leader board have seemingly reset to zero. It shows all of my friends and I having zero points. When I completed my first lesson today it gave me the 10 points and now shows that I only have 10 points. On a separate note, one of my friends shows about 3,000 points with 2,000 of them being in English. The 2,000 points in English appeared overnight which is highly unlikely. When I click on his profile it shows that he has not completed any English lessons and only has slightly more than the original 1,000 points. I am mainly concerned about the reset of scores, but are these type of glitches common, and will the scores become accurate if and when the scores return to their original correct values?

January 1, 2014

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There was some sort of error that occurred yesterday.

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