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"Caiff Dewi Lingo beint o gwrw"

Translation:Dewi Lingo will have a pint of beer

March 8, 2016



Mae'r rownd nesaf ar Dewi! Iechyd da i chi.


Could this be "Dewi Lingo may have a pint of beer?" and would it be a form of "bydd" to be "will have"


If I understand correctly, the question would need to start with "Gaiff" not "Caiff". Also, if I understand correctly, "caiff" is a future tense of "may", giving the meaning of "will be permitted".

DuoLingo moderators, I think it would be helpful if punctuation were also marked, showing we have understood a sentence correctly as a statement(.), question(?) or command(!).


Personally I stopped punctuation, after it kept marking me wrong for adding a , to ensure good sentence construction.


It accepts "may" - I'm not sure if you mean your question mark to be inside the quotation mark, but the sentence is a statement.


If I've understood correctly:

'Ceith [caiff] Dewi beint o gwrw' can mean both 'Dewi will have...' AND 'Dewi may [is allowed to] have....'

'Bydd Dewi'n cael peint o gwrw' would be 'Dewi will be having a pint of beer' I think?

Just a leaner too though.


What's the difference between caiff and caith???


"caiff" is the future form of "cael." I'm not sure what you mean by "caith". If you mean "ceith," then it means the same as "caiff." If you mean "caeth," then it means "he/she came"

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