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  5. "He is Dewi Lingo."

"He is Dewi Lingo."

Translation:Dewi Lingo yw e.

March 9, 2016



Why does Dewi Lingo mae e not work? Does mae never get used in the emphatic?


No, mae is never used in the emphatic.


Change the emphasis, change the verb. Mae e'n this needs to be followed with another verb. The aspectual marker yn must follow the personal pronoun..Mae e'n.. Ydy e? is he. Dyw e..he is.. But periphrastically. Mae e wedi bod yn galw Dewi Lingo. He is called Dewi Lingo. Ran ydw i.


In now you're Talking run by Acen in lesson 2 "here is"is taught as dyma surely both are correct


isn't 'dyma...' more like 'This is...' rather than a subject-complement 'he is...'?

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