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"I saw the advertisement in the newspaper."

अनुवाद:मैंने समाचार पत्र में यह विज्ञापन देखा।

March 9, 2016

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मैंने अख़बार में विज्ञापन देखा ----there is no word for ' यह ' and अख़बार = समाचार पत्र . my sentence is better


what is a difference between अख़बार और समाचार पत्र in your view for the translation of 'newspaper' . my answer is मैंने अख़बार में यह विज्ञापन देखा


This should be acceptable. Well, I have written a critique here about Duolingo English for Hindi Course. Please read and comment :)


Exactly Suhasini... 'This' was nowhere given in the sentence. You seriously need to work on yourself duolingo before confusing the minds of the new learners


The use of the English article the (the specific determiner) and its translation into Hindi causes confusion to most of the people learning English from Hindi because no equivalent for the is there in Hindi. Therefore, sometimes यह, which is almost always used for this, is used for specificity.

केवल दिन के 5 मिनट में अंग्रेज़ी सीखें। मुफ़्त में।