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  5. "Мой брат у мамы."

"Мой брат у мамы."

Translation:My brother is at mom's place.

March 9, 2016



Мой (masculine first-person possessive, "my") брат (apparently caseless? "brother") у (particle denoting location, "in, at, near," or lit. "belongs to") мамы (mother, in the genitive case; "that which belongs to mother"); so literally, "[My] [brother] [is located at] [an unspecified object that mother owns, (idiomatically, her home)]." Hope that helped you understand the parts of this sentence!

July 26, 2016



May 4, 2017

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Caseless? Isn't брат simply in nominative case?

February 5, 2019


Why have I got typo when I write 'mum' instead of 'mom'?

July 28, 2018


Well, I have realised sometimes it's incorrect when I write the sentence in British English. That's quite ridiculous in my opinion so I just report it as much as it's possible.

August 20, 2018


The whole app (and website) uses American English, I’m pretty sure

August 5, 2018


"Mum" is accepted elsewhere, so they probably just forgot it here. You need to flag it if it happens again, and when they have time, they will add it.

August 11, 2018


Now it just irritates the English by telling us we have spelt "mom" incorrectly....

November 13, 2018


How do u know when to translate у мамы as "Mom has" and when as "at mom's place? "

May 11, 2018


When it has the sense of "subject has", will have «у (genitive) есть...» or «у (genitive) нет (есть)...», but if the structure of the phrase is «...у (genitive)» without the «есть», it will have the sense of "at subject's"

October 30, 2018


I've gotten the idea that есть (when showing possession) is omitted when the possessed thing is modified by an adjective, because then we're talking of the quality of the object, not its existence. So У мамы хороший сын but У мамы есть сын. Correct?

March 1, 2019


I'd like to know this as well please

June 17, 2018


Did not accept “ mum’ s place” and cost me a health life on the app. Please correct!

April 27, 2018


It's "mum's", not "mum 's".

August 11, 2018


Sorry guys, where can I find the word place in this sentence? Thanks!

March 9, 2016


"Мой брат у мамы (до́ма)."
The adverb "до́ма" (at home) is implied.

March 9, 2016


I read it as, "my brother (is) at mom's," which makes perfect sense in English.

May 28, 2018


So "мамы" indicates (at home is implied) rather than using "мама" which would not indicate this? also would it be incorrect to add "место" at the end?

April 20, 2016


"у" (at) always takes genitive: мама → мамы.
"место" is not appropriate here, you can say either "Мой брат у мамы дома." (My brother is at mom's house) or simply "Мой брат у мамы." (My brother is at mom's (place)) as the original sentence says.

April 20, 2016


Could you please correct Duolingo so it doesn't expect the wretched and incorrect American spelling of "mum"?

August 1, 2018


It allows "Mum's place" but not "Mum's house"

October 21, 2018


Yes!!! Needs to allow UK English - Mum!!

August 20, 2018


Writing mum instead of mom is not a typo

December 27, 2018


Indeed, and Mum is also a name and should be capitalised.

February 25, 2019


Why doesn't "my mom has my brother" work?

February 28, 2019


My question too. How about if it's inverted: у мамы мой брат?

March 1, 2019


Все чрез Него начало быть и без Него ничто не начало быть что начало быть. В Нем была жизнь и жизнь была свет человеков.

March 13, 2019


Welp no wonder Russia and Japan are having diplomatic problems, when the Japanese keep recommending the Russians try "у мамы".

July 22, 2019


"Мой брат у мамы" translated into "My brother is at mom's place", wouldn't really just be "My brother is at mom's"? Or is this normal where a word is possesive like мамы instead of мама

November 16, 2019
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