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Why can't I see the words I have learnt?

My daughter got subscribed to duolingo from school so I hopped on the linguistic bandwagon! Great so far and doing ok with Polish. But she has a tab next to Home and Activity that is called Words where she can revise what she has learnt and I don't . This is not helpful, and I can't find anywhere on the site that would enable it Help!

March 9, 2016



Your daughter is likely learning Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian all of which have the "Words" tab. But Polish which you are learning doesn't have the tab. Along with every other course besides the ones I listed.


That's great thanks for the reply. I'll have to go back to the old way of a notebook!


That's always a good idea even if you have the tab. It really helps with remembering the words.

Good luck!


I am learning French and this problem is also happening with me: I do not have the tab "Words". I have created another profile for test and on the new one the tab "Words" is displayed. It seems that there is a BUG on Duolingo but I do not know the cause.


It's not a bug bu an A/B test (named web_hide_words_tab) that Duolingo setup in late July (but may have activated only recently).
So the reason why one of your account isn't seing it, isn't the same as the reason for hte OP of this 2-year old discussion.

For you it's due to A/B test, for the OP it was because (independently of the A/B test) WORD tab is only available for few courses.

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