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  5. "Ble mae'r rheina?"

"Ble mae'r rheina?"

Translation:Where are those?

March 9, 2016



The dictionary hint said rheina could be "those" or "they". Can this sentence be translated "Where are they?"


'Where are those?' would be correct.

  • 'Where are they?' - Ble maen nhw?


Why is it not ble maen y rheina, with the verb in the plural? Is rheina deemed to be a singular or a collective, despite the fact that its English equivalent is plural?


The third person plural form of a verb (maen... here) is only used with the pronoun nhw in the colloquial language.

Nouns, singular or plural, use the third person singular form of verbs:

  • Maen nhw'n ofnadwy - They are terrible
  • Mae'r car yn ofnadwy - The car is terrible
  • Mae'r ceir yn ofnadwy - The cars are terrible
  • Mae'r rheina'n ofnadwy - Those are terrible


Thank you! I seem to have missed this point in the course notes, if indeed it has been mentioned there.

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