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"В группе двадцать один студент."

Translation:There are twenty one students in the group.

March 9, 2016



"In the group are twenty one students" is a valid answer and should accepted, so I just reported it. Glad to see that from time to time I get emails saying that a proposed solution is now accepted. :)


The same happened to me! So, l hope it is accepted.walter K.


I thought that a number more than one required genitive plural?


You have to look at the end of the number:

Двадцать один студент

Тридцать три студента

Пятьдесят семь студентов

As you can see it works as with complex numbers as with simple ones.


this feature doesn't seem to work well with двадцать... read it like 10 times and it keeps rejecting my answer


Could you be more specific? What is your answer, and which feature is rejecting it?


the mic, i've read the sentence over and over again


Why can't I write 21 like this?


When you write a sentence in Russian please write full words. You are learning Russian after all.
For English translations numerals are usually accepted (and they are accepted for this sentence).


Why студент and not студентов? I would expect the genitive plural here. What case is студент?


It is really annoying to have to turn off the speaking feature just because duolingo does not accept spoken numbers. This question will always be marked wrong because most of the syllables are part of a number. Please fix this- it is sitewide and not just for Russian!


I wrote twenty-one and it was marked wrong. Surely it should have been accepted.


"Twenty-one" has to be accepted. The problem must have been with something else.


What's the difference between there's and there're. Both indicate a single group of 21 students.

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