Can't get sound to work

I've been using duolingo's app for some time now and the sounds suddenly stopped working. In my cellphone (a s3 galaxy) the problem is with the listening exercices. The "right" or "wrong" sounds still work, as well as all other sounds in my phone. I've already tried to redownload duolingo, but nothing happened. I've also tried to use it on a friends phone, in which, at first, duolingo was functioning. But when I redownloaded it to enter my account (that's the only way I know to change accounts), the sounds stopped workingin his phone too. In my PC there's no duolingo sounds at all. I've tried to delete all extensions in my browser (chrome) and redownloading adobe flash player, which I already had downloaded and updated. Still, nothing happened. I tried to get duolingo's support but it will only send me these programmed messages, useless to my problem. Can somebody help me?

January 2, 2014


This is probably best for the Troubleshooting forum. You can move it there directly with these steps:

  1. edit post

  2. click "duolingo in editing window" (is drop down menu)

  3. select "troubleshooting" from the menu

  4. save post

Edit: to find the Troubleshooting forum in the future, go to the main Discussion page. The link will either be directly to the right side, or, depending on your layout you might need to look to the right side and scroll down until you see the link near the miniature flags.

Good luck! ^_^

January 2, 2014

Thank you very much. I didn't realize I had other options to send this message to haha

January 2, 2014

No prob. It's part of what I do here ^_^

January 2, 2014

From what you've described, it sounds more like an account settings problem than a device problem.

Just to clarify, you have all the sound settings set to "On" when you view your account settings on your PC, is that right? You can check at the link below:

January 5, 2014
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