North South divide

I live in North Wales, I know about the various dialects in wales (mainly north south). Can anyone who is a bit further through the course say whether the content/pronunciation/vocabulary is weighted more one way or the other. So far most words are familiar to me, used up here in the north.

A lot of resources are a mixture, what about this one?

March 9, 2016


Apart from a few nods to some minor variations from north(-west?) Wales and the inclusion of moyn as a verb-noun for 'wanting' used in some parts of south Wales, the Welsh in this course seems to be pretty middle of the road. The pronunciation is middle of the road, the vocab is common across Wales, and the grammatical patterns are common ones.

No 'smo i'n gwybod', no 'wêdd hi'n wer', no 'sha thre', no 'wn i'm', no 'rhoces', no 'crwt', no 'dech chi'n ciêl, ...!

March 9, 2016

I think it is a mixture.

March 9, 2016
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