"Waarom lusten onze kinderen geen fruit op donderdag?"

Translation:Why do our children dislike fruit on Thursday?

2 years ago



Interesting, the word dondersdag sounds like thunder day, and Thor was the god of thunder. Thus in English we call it Thors-day (Thursday).

2 years ago


donder=thunder :)

2 years ago

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This is the case in many languages. Although we got it from Donar, the old high Germanic word for Thor.

Thor is also the root word for thunder in general in many languages.

1 year ago


Interesting indeed. In Latin languages the day is dedicated to Juppiter the Latin god of thunder.

1 year ago


I wonder whether translating it as : "Why don't our children like (to eat) fruit on Thursday" would make more sense.

om fruit te lusten, can it mean the "like" other than "like to eat"?

1 year ago


Lusten is always with drinks or food. So you can't say "Ik lust jou" because it would translate to "I like to eat you".

1 year ago
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