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Is there a way to use this technology to build our own units, incorporating new voc. from our book?

March 9, 2016



If not, can that be easily implemented? It would be a gold mine for educators!


You could ask to help improve the course. I wonder if they would go for a French next level course? Design your own unit option? It is intriguing!

I like Memrise for its flexibility to design your own course and it is very helpful to learn vocabulary. http://www.memrise.com/course/300146/duolingo-french-from-english-lessons-beta/

A lot of people have made courses with Duolingo vocabulary in them: http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=duolingo

There are any number of other courses available for many languages and from many languages: http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=Spanish http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=French http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/


Nope, there is not.


Thank you for your thoughts on the subject! The feature that I'm really interested in, is being able to load phrases into the computer (phrases that incorporate our new vocabulary) and then have the students speak them into the computer. If they do not say the phrase correctly, they would need to listen to the phrase again, and then say the phrase multiple times until they finish, triumphantly! :D Does that technology exist?

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