Equivalents - DuoLingo Certificates and Other Language Proficiency Tests

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I know there probably is not an exact, definitive answer as the DuoLingo Certificate tests are shorter and don't have conversation and writing, but I was wondering if you have any idea of the general range/equivalents of the 0-5 Duo scores to... for example, the A1-C2 scale, or the Foriegn Service Institute's 1-5 scale.

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I've seen quite a few discussions on this subject - the general agreement seems to be that complete Duo course corresponds approximately to A2-B1, depending on the course. This of course applies only to the range of the vocabulary and grammar, but not to the things that one is expected to learn in parallel with Duolingo: to actually qualify for a certificate one has to demonstrate abilities in the four skills: reading/writing, listening/speaking.

Btw, you posted this in the forum for the German speakers- you would get more answers elsewhere.

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