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çok tatlı ki? (Solved)

Can someone explain the ki here?

I get what it's saying I just don't understand the specific difference between çok tatlı ki and çok tatlı?

For reference, I saw this in an instagram comment of a picture of a super cute dog.

March 10, 2016



It's broken turkish to me but people have been using it more and more. And they use it even though they know it's not correct. It would make sense if it was "öyle tatlı ki", "o kadar tatlı ki" to mean "it's so cute" etc, but with "çok" it really doesn't work. Check if the comment is made by an 14 year old girl.


teşekkürler abi


You have to use ki with öyle and o kadar in positive sentences so you can say O kadar tatlı ki or öyle tatlı ki which means He/she/it is so sweet! However by using çok you kinda use baby grammar to make your sentence sound cute.

If this is not the whole sentence but a part of the sentence then things might change. So ki might suggest a relation of reason and result but probably this isn't the case in your scenario.

  • Bence tatlı değil. -> I think it's not cute.
  • Cidden mi? Çok tatlı ki bu kadar kişi resmi likelamış. -> Really? It must be very cute now that so many people liked the picture.
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