"Eu nunca vi neve."

Translation:I have never seen snow.

March 10, 2016

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"I never have seen snow should be accepted." Unless someone can explain how that's any different of a translation?


Maybe Duolingo is just following the rule about frequency adverb position to the letter (i.e. they should go before the main verb, after the verb 'to be', or between auxiliary and main verb).


I agree with you. I never have seen snow. Should be accepted but whether Duo will accept it is another thing. Saying "I never" is more emphatic! REPORT IT.


Haha, Brazil gets hail, but snow? Nope. Eu nunca vi a neve. Exceto o papel higiênico.


Aw, but it's, like, not even enough to make snowmen, or snow angels... In the last 15 years, I think the record was 30 cm. Usually, it's a few centimeters, if that. It so doesn't count. ç.ç Still, snow...!


I am clearing snow from the roof today. ☃️

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