"Tuesday is not my day."

Translation:Wtorek to nie mój dzień.

March 10, 2016

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What do you need the "to" for? Why is "Wtorek nie jest mój dzien." wrong?


if you use "to", you can use nominative, if you use jest without "to", you need to use instrumental. Wtorek nie jest moim dniem.


Why instrumental?


Because it's Polish.

For when use instrumental in x is y sentence read "https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167"


I was thinking it would be Dopełniacz (genitive?) because it is negated


negation - if a verb needs object in accusative, negated verb needs object in genitive. all other cases stay the same. accusative after preposition stays.


Ah! Of course, I forgot about that! Helps a lot, thanks!


In this case "to" is used instead of "jest". You can use this words interchangeably. Your sentence has a tiny mistake. It should be " Wtorek nie jest moim dniem".


"Wtorek jest nie mój dzień" - why is it wrong?


After "jest" you would need Instrumental ("Wtorek jest nie moim dniem"), but that would be like "Tuesday is not my day but someone else's"). In general the negation should be before "jest" (you negate 'being X', not just 'X').

The most natural answer to me is "Wtorek to nie mój dzień" or "Wtorek to nie jest mój dzień" (This is actually not the 'jest' construction because it has 'to'), alternatively "Wtorek nie jest moim dniem".

[deactivated user]

    Maybe I'm mixing things here. So do we use genitive on negative sentences only when the affirmative is accusative?


    Yes, if you read somewhere here (it may be even in my own older comments) that "Negation = Genitive", that's way too simplified. Only negated Accusative turns into Genitive, other cases stay unchanged.

    Moreover, that only happens if Accusative was needed by the verb. Sometimes it's needed by the preposition and then negation changes nothing. Although I guess we could say that it's simply not the preposition that is negated, so we shouldn't expect a change in cases.

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