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An idea for a multiplayer game


I'm new to duolingo but I absolutely enjoy using it and I'm glad that there are people out there trying to encourage others to learn.

So my idea for a multiplayer platform is that you and your partner choose a type of conversation to have, you are both given your native language to translate with a timer, and if you translate correctly you are given points and vis versa. The goal is to have a complete conversation, as quickly as possible.

I have many other ideas related to this topic, let me know if you like this idea!

Thanks for reading!

January 19, 2013



I think this is a good idea and should be looked into. Also, adding some competition into the site can keep the retention rates high. If some multiplayer system was added, not only would this site be an educational one, but a site where people could have fun while learning at the same time. People could make new friends that way and will be able to pick up the language even faster. Now who wouldn't like that?


I like this idea, but let me play the devil's advocate when I ask: "Wouldn't that divert users from translating documents?", which is vital to the site's long-term survival, if I understand it correctly?


I like the idea very much! It would also be a good thing to make some kind of 'open rooms' for games, grouped according to courses. The players would get different kinds of tasks in order to compete, test their knowledge, earn points etc. :)


It wouldn't be that hard to make. Most people with programming knowledge could if they had a large database such as Duolingo's.


I would prefer simple chat and text rooms like those used on busuu or livemocha. We can include a user grading system that grades a user based on ability to speak/text with a native speaker and also whether or not the person is a recommended partner to converse with. We should also use a system where there are different rooms depending on the language(s) used and the topic(s) at hand. We should include this. May I have an early Christmas present?


Sounds interesting. Speech may be hard to translate, but text would be simple.


What a wonderful idea! :D The more games to test our skills (or weaker skills), the better


Is this still a thing now? I remember when duolingo had multiplayer, but I don't know how to get to it now .

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