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  5. "Mae swyddfa'r heddlu ar dân."

"Mae swyddfa'r heddlu ar dân."

Translation:The police station is on fire.

March 10, 2016



Is it not common to use the word gorsaf in relation to the police? That would be the literal translation of station wouldn't it?


Both gorsaf and swyddfa are used in this context.


Why isn't it mae'r if it's the police station, not a police station?


In Welsh, when you have several words joined together for a noun, the yr goes before the last one, and applies to the whole thing.

In this case, "Mae swyddfa'r heddlu" - the 'r applies to the whole police station.


Thank you for this explanation!
I had been racking my brains for months on why the first article vanishes, and I had come to the same conclusion, but without any clear evidence of this in Duolingo's notes.
The 'Countries' unit does show the loss of the article in expressions such as 'the Welsh flag → baner Cymru, but a general rule in terms of "the (noun 1) of the (noun 2)" turns into "(noun 1) of the (noun 2)" is not explicitly mentioned (or maybe I hadn't understood it this way).


If you want a historical explanation, that may help you get it right, the literal translation of swyddfa'r heddlu is the police's station. It's just that Welsh has no 's and the word order is different, but you now have exactly the same in both languages, with the article before 'police'.


Diolch yn fawr iawn.


Why don't we have to use "Yn" in this instance.


The phrase for 'on fire' is ar dân - no 'n/yn required in front of a preposition such as ar.


Is gorsaf regional to North Wales for "gorsaf heddlu" or used everywhere? Whilst I guessed swyddfa heddlu correctly I haven't seen it before

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