"Er ist der Richter."

Translation:He is the judge.

January 19, 2013

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the judge was dangerously close to getting eaten


I mistakenly wrote "Er isst der Richter", and it said I was right. But there is no way of reporting this in the "report a problem" button...


Maybe this judge ended up with Hannibal Lecter or something.


Yeah, but then it would have to be "Er isst DEN Richter"


shouldn't it be "Er ist Richter"? in a sentence which tells the job, the article can't be used.


I think the information you read specifically refers to leaving out the "a" when talking to someone about what they do.

For instance, "Yeah, I am a judge!" they would leave out the 'a.'

In this case, this is referring to someone specifically, so it is "He is the judge," not just "he is a judge." Does that make more sense?


Q: Who is judging this case? Who is the judge here? A: He is the judge.

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    Can the word Richter mean a judge as in the person in a courthouse and a judge as in when one judges someone's character, cooking, etc?


    Would it make sense to say "Er ist den Richter?"


    No, it wouldn't. You have to use the nominative case after the verbs "sein" and "werden", that's why it's "der Richter" (masc. nominative) and not "den Richter" (masc. accusative).


    So "Er isst den Richter" would be right then :)


    I had Mars and Venus symbols in the available words, so I added the Mars one after my answer. Duo told me that it was wrong. Why have them if we should not include them?


    I think it's just Duolingo's way of marking the gender of the noun for your information.


    Wouldn't you normally give 'respect' and use the formal word i instead of 'er' for a judge? What wiumd yiu say then: Ihn sind der Richter?


      There is only a formal version of "you", not of "he", "she" or "they". You are getting confused with dative case, which is a different concept completely.


      where are all the normal jobs? Plumber, electrician, nurse, secretary? Is it all lawyers and judges to please American learners? Or what Duolingo perceives is important to Americans?


      Am I the only one having trouble remembering the difference between the word for 'judge' and the word for 'lawyer'?

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