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  5. "Mi wnaeth hi weld."

"Mi wnaeth hi weld."

Translation:She saw.

March 10, 2016



Please, what is the significance of the pronoun 'mi' in this sentence


In this usage mi (or fe) is not a pronoun but an affirmative particle - it just indicates that the verb which follows it is an affirmative statement, not a question or a negative. The use of mi/fe is entirely optional, although mi is common in the north-west Wales dialects. If mi/fe is used, then the verb mutates. Sometimes the verb mutates even if the particle is not actually being used.

  • mi welais i... I saw...
  • fe welais i ... I saw...
  • gwelais i.... I saw...
  • welais i... I saw...


To me, this says 'she did see'. 'She saw' would be 'mi welodd hi'.


They are both valid ways of expressing the simple past tense.

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