"Gdzie są tanie hotele?"

Translation:Where are the cheap hotels?

March 10, 2016

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Where are the cheap hotels

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I'm with you. I got it wrong, too. Not fair !!


"Gdzie są tanie hotely."

Why "hotele" ?


Well, it's just the correct form. Read more about plural endings here: http://mowicpopolsku.com/polish-grammar/cases/nominative/#noun-plural


I guess I will just have to think twice after hearing the spoken version. But frankly, these synthesised voices are really easy to misunderstand. I am hearing 'gdzie są tanych hotele'. Someone needs to interpret the spaces between words better, because even to a native Pole these fragments are very bad to understand. Syllables just blend in a way that is very unnatural.


Well, the technology is still far from great :/


Does cheap translate here to inexpensive or rundown or possibly both?


primarily inexpensive, but you can assume all you want from that.


I don´t understand why is wrong the answer: Where are there cheap hotels


You mixed "the" with "there".


I think the choice in real conversation might depend to some extent on the degree of certainty. If we're talking about particular hotels that we know to exist, then 'the' is definitely correct; but if we're making a general inquiry about hotels that we think probably exist, then 'there' might feel more appropriate.


Hmmm, it does make sense indeed. Added, then.


No, I didn´t. Try to say in Polish my sentence: "Where are there cheap hotels?"


Yes, I understood that you were right a week later, when mcpk wrote his comment. I added your version then.



I intended to say, more or less, "Where does exist cheap hotels?", using the verb THERE TO BE...

You intended to say, more or less: "Where are the cheap hotels located?", and you used the verb TO BE.


Ah, a sentence for all those Polish translators I work with, and then they wonder why I question certain aspects of their translations ;)


i just had a sentence rejected for using hotels, it was given as hoteli, in this sentence it is the answer, how come? Which is the proper plural for hotel?


tani hotel (liczba pojedyncza) - cheap hotel (singular)

tanie hotele (liczba mnoga) - cheap hotels (plural)


okay, so here again we have something that requires specifying. In Polish I an not sure what "gdzie są tanie hotele" means. In English there are two possible questions, a definite and an indefinite question: - Where are the cheap hotels? (The speaker knows or assumes that there are cheap hotels and asks where they are located) - Where are some cheap hotels? (the speaker does not know for sure that cheap hotels exist, but is looking for some and asking where they might be located) - Where are there cheap hotels? (depending on context, the speaker is either responding to another party who just stated that there were cheap hotels and asking them to confirm their location, or alternatively expressing frustration about the lack of cheap hotels by asking a rhetorical question.

In my mind, "gdzie są tanie hotele" is a translation for all 4 - context and tone would have to be known in order to determine which one was the case in point. Since duolingo conveys neither context nor tone, it strikes me that in orde rnot to confuse students, the 3 verbally distinct expressions on English would have to be accepted.

Note: "Where are some cheap hotels?" was rejected as wrong, which I believe is incorrect.


I think I agree that all four interpretations can work, depending on the context and tone.

I added "some", I think that was the only option missing.

My first thought is the one with 'the', where I assume there should be some cheap hotels around and ask where they are located.

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