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"W mieszkaniu jest sypialnia, łazienka i kuchnia."

Translation:In the apartment there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen.

March 10, 2016



Why not "The apartment has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen"? Even though it is not a word for word translation, it has the same exact meaning.


We do try to be quite literal in translations, but sometimes it's hard to set the border... ok, added. Anyway, your version would be easy to translate literally as "Mieszkanie ma..."


Do Poles really say 'Mieszkanie ma'? I thought they steered clear of language that suggests possession on the part of inanimate objects.


"Mieszkanie ma" sounds perfectly fine to my ear.

Maybe I wouldn't ask "Co ma mieszkanie?", but "Mieszkanie ma X, Y i Z" sounds fine.


Seems to be a bug: There were no words missing to translate, just one complete sentence in each language.


The bug is there. I've typed the correct tranlastion which I am told is missing a word which it is not


What was your answer?


Surprisingly, Duo rejected

"The flat has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen."

and insisted on "apartment" (correct in the US), though it accepts "flat", the commonest UK English word for 'mieszkanie' ("tenement" being used in Scotland) in many other sentences.

[Edited 09.08.2018 to include "tenement"]


Just an oversight, as other constructions in this sentence did accept "flat" already. Added now.


Shouldn't this be "W mieszkaniu są ..." since it refers to several things?


"Są" works as well, but I think I would use singular. "są" seems to me like you need a colon after it: W mieszkaniu są: sypialnia, łazienka i kuchnia.


This may come off as nitpicking, but let me explain what caught my attention. I'm a native speaker of Slovene, which has a very similar grammar to Polish. This sentence would have the exact same structure in Slovene, and most Slovenes would also use singular. It "sounds right", but it's actually grammatically incorrect because a verb in singular cannot refer to several things. I think people get confused if a verb in plural stands right next to a noun in singular, so they use singular instead. It's an extremely common error.

I suspect it's the same in Polish. This sentence might sound good to most Poles, but I'm wondering what someone with a degree in Polish would say about it.


I asked. I sent her the sentence we are discussing, and before I could even type my question, I got the answer "są". So yeah, you are right. I just wonder if it's worth changing the main answer, as changing the main Polish sentence is really problematic, and this one is so widely accepted...


If you ask me, I think it probably should be changed, because leaving it alone is exactly how errors multiply and start having a life on their own...

And thanks for checking into this :-)


The usage of "jest" sounds as if the speaker hasn't thought about the whole sentence yet. Turning it around, I suppose nobody would say "Sypialnia, łazienka i kuchnia jest w mieszkaniu".


That is true, this sounds wrong.


The speaker may have in mind, "W mieszkaniu jest sypialnia, jest łazienka i jest kuchnia." Then he economizes by omitting the repetition of 'jest'.


Why there is and not a there are?


I would recommend changing the translation to "The apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen." Without context, it's hard to determine which is the best translation, but, at least in America, you would hear that translation much more frequently. Also jest should be są


On a similar note the English should use 'are' instead of 'is'. You wouldn't say "The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen is..." These things are something.


Why can't I write flat instead of apartment. You're just being picky!!


We do accept flat, actually. What was your full sentence? Maybe there is something else we missed.


It would be a pretty lousy apartment if it didn't have all of those things :)


What is the difference between sypialnia and pokój?


"pokój" is just a room, any room. "sypialnia" is the bedroom, the 'sleeping room'.


I can't give the good answer, because I always have a couple of words missing from the list. I already made 10 printscreen of errors.


This error has already been reported to the developpers. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, except wait until they fix it.


the word bathroom is missing, therefore i cannot give the right answer!


There are sentences like "Odwiedzam siostrę" where the possessive pronoun ought to be assumed; but "In my apartment..." isn't accepted for this one. Is it only one's family and family members where possessive pronouns are implicit?


Why: "There is a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen in the flat" is not corret?


It's an accepted answer, it should have worked.

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