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Immersion Available?

Is there an easy way to see which languages have immersion available to them if you get high enough in the tree? For example, I'd like to know if Portuguese for Spanish speakers has immersion if you progress enough, etc.

March 10, 2016



One sure thing: no course released into beta after Mars 2014 have it, and you can see the beta release dates here.
Also, Duo CEOs announced in June 2015 that Duo had stopped developing it. Moreover, the last sponsored articles I being added (but I may have missed others since then) have been added around Oct. 2014. See more here

EDIT: the courses reaching beta:

  • strictly before Feb 2014 do have it
  • during Feb 2014:
    • PT<-ES (on 2014/02/01) does not have it, so the answers is no to your question about this course)
    • EN<-RO (on 2014/02/04) does have it
  • strictly after Feb 2014 don't have it


why did they cancel it ? its a useful aspect of learning


They give some reason in the linked article. I don't know more than that.


Here's the important excerpt from the TechCrunch article.

Oddly enough, though, Duolingo did not mention any of this in its announcement today. A company spokesperson told me the company actually tabled its ambitions around translations about a year-and-a-half ago and hasn’t scaled the businesses or accepted new clients (it’s still working with CNN, though). Instead, the company is now using its Test Center certification program as a revenue source (the tests cost $20) and says that it has other plans to monetize.

“The reasoning for this was that, though we could make it a profitable business, we realized we’d quickly become a translations business as we’d have to hire people focused on quality control, sales people, etc. and eventually businesses tend to pay more attention to the parts of the company that are profitable,” a spokesperson told us.

“We are an education company and are here to help bring education to everyone in the world and to make education more effective.”


I am a new user in 2016 and I have no immersion section for any language. Disappointing.

I understand that DuoLingo has to manage their business and hey they can pull any feature from the website they want. If Immersion is too difficult to maintain then whatever kill it go ahead... but for ppl like me who has finished the tree where do we go from here? Answer - to another website.

I really hope someone involved in DUO reads this comment. I have NEVER seen a language textbook that does NOT HAVE A READING/WRITING SECTION. Even the most basic level. You learn some vocabulary, you learn some grammar. Then you READ a short paragraph and answer questions about it. That is how you learn. Memorizing a small vocabulary of 1000-2000 words and some short phrases does help (and I like DUO a lot), but even by Duo's own FAQ they admit their courses will only give you 50-60% fluency in a language. So why do half of a job at anything?? I wonder what universe they live in where this sounds like a good idea. If you let users hit a brick wall in their learning then they will leave and for any type of business that is bad.

Implementing a reading section would be easy, it could be just short paragraphs with questions about the material. Multiple choice answers even. That would not involve active monitoring like the Immersion does, actually would be very little additional work. Adding writing and speaking practice is a whole different story but I still think this is a valuable part of the process and they should offer SOMETHING.

Anyway I have maxed out my Spanish tree. I'm probably going to keep practicing until it really becomes monotonous and then go. Hopefully this will be fixed before then.


pls give us Immersion !


You could put up short passages to translate and then ,in response to completed sections, show a published curated translation thereby allowing scholars to compare their own effort to a standard. Tree stars or fruit for rewards? No need to continuously protor.




Do you actually have to get to a certain level before the immersion tab appears?


Do French and German have it?


Yes, French for English speakers and German for English speakers both have it.

(I am assuming your base language is English)

If you do not have it (for these courses) then you are part of a test group that has had it removed. However, this means you would never see Immersion - not for any course you selected.


I don't have Immersion either. Will it ever be available for me?


It depends on the result of the A/B test they have been running.

If they decide it is worth it, then everyone will get it for the courses that support it. They may also develop it for more language courses.

If they decide it is not worth it, then it will be taken away from everyone.


Ah thanks very much, have 2 lingots! Hopefully they will decide to implement it... (and add more to the app which is probably more urgent, but you can't complain too much about a free and effective language course!)


so the test is still running? how do you know about that? I thought it's over already.


They do not publicise the tests they are running, but you can see the flags that control each test if you browse your 'users' data. (This is a data dump that is sent to the browser by the web site) In this data, you can even see the flags that control the iOS and Android apps.

This particular flag is called web_noimmersion_experiment and I have just looked and it is still there. Normally this means the test is ongoing. However, in this case, the test may be over, and they might be using this to starve Immersion of new users. It is difficult to say.


oh ok I see.

so how high should I go on my learning (German) tree to see which side I fall in to?


so how high should I go on my learning (German) tree to see which side I fall in to?

From start.
Either your account has it from start or it doesn't have it (at all).


Can we still upload documents, glossaries or other in the discussion for points or credit?


immersion in all languages?


Can I still access the immersion course even though it is no longer current. If so, how? I am learning French.


thanks for the information. I spent a long time trying to discover if we would have it back. Too bad, i used to love immersion. At least they allowed us to keep our translation badges, even though i only have a single ES→EN lvl 2.


Hey actually, there is a link that still works for me... https://www.duolingo.com/translations/upload hopefully it works for everybody. I'm not sure if i'm part of the A/B split, but it seems to work fine.


well i tired it and it looked like it would work but it did not


I have tired all the links but they all send me to some guys profile "Translate Ray" or something like that : (

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