"The wine is tasty."

Translation:Wino jest smaczne.

March 10, 2016

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I'm doing the French course as well right now: I accidentally just typed the answer as 'Le win jest smaczny'. I put 'smaczny' because I was thinking 'win' is masculine. And also I put 'Le win', not 'Le vin', which made it even more funny because I at least made it a Polish 'v' sound. Just thought I'd share this funny story.


Why not "smaczny"?


„Wino” is neuter, therefore it requires the adjective to be neuter too. Hence neuter „smaczne” instead of masculine „smaczny”.


If the lunch is smaczna, why is the wine smaczne?


No, "lunch" translates to "obiad", "obiad" is masculine (like almost every noun that ends with a consonant in its basic form), so the right form is "smaczny".

"wino" is neuter (it ends with -o), so the right form is "smaczne".


Is "Smaczne wino." an equivalent? That word order was provided as an answer to an earlier problem, but I was marked wrong here. It's not clear to me how/if this differs.

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