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  5. "It is a good question."

"It is a good question."

Translation:É uma boa pergunta.

January 19, 2013



I translated this as "É uma pergunta boa". Does that work? It seems like it should be correct. Please, Brazilians speak up and let me know. :-)

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Yes, it works as well. But "boa pergunta" is more commonly used.


Thank you, Erudis. :-)


There are a number of adjectives which preferably are placed before the noun. Bom/boa - good Belo/bela - beautiful Mau/má - bad Longo/longa - long Muito/muita - much Muitos/muitas - many

Numbers also usually precede the noun. No terceiro dia - on the third day.

But I am English and very probably completely incorrect here.


It's so much like Spanish that it's easier for me to understand things that English speakers wouldn't.


I'm not a nativ spanish speaker but I agree, although the pronounciation is a little hard for me because I am used to saying pregunta and tengo and yo instead of eu, etc.


Oops. Forgot the e in native.


Why cant I use "Está uma boa pergunta"? I am confused on how Está is used apparently. Help please.


Está (estar) is used for the temporary state of something, e.g. I am cold... eu estou frio. Otherwise use é (ser).


I noticed the E was not in the word hints so I used ele e, so why is this wrong

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