"Sprzedajemy obie lodówki."

Translation:We are selling both fridges.

March 10, 2016

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Where is the difference between "obie", "oba" and "obaj"?


Gender. "obie" is for two feminine nouns, "oba" for two masculine not-personal nouns, "obaj" for two masculine personal nouns.


Some places on the web mention the "collective 'both' " (oboje) and the "non-collective 'both' " (oba). What do these categories mean?


I guess we could consider "oba" the basic form. And as usual, Polish gets complicated.

"oba" - for masculine nouns (but not those denoting people), and for most neuter ones. oba psy, oba domy, oba drzewa, oba pudełka

"obaj" - masculine words for people (obaj chłopcy, obaj mężczyźni).

"obie" - feminine nouns (obie kobiety, obie ryby, obie książki)

"oboje" - the collective one. Let's just quote Wiktionary: "Collective numbers are used before nouns denoting people of mixed sex, personal and animate neuter nouns (of which there are few), and pluralia tantum (unless masculine personal)". It takes the Genitive case.

So "oboje studentów" means "both students", with one male student and one female student. "obaj studenci" are two male students and "obie studentki" two female ones. Also, an example worth noting: "oboje dzieci" (yes, this is Genitive even if it's not very visible).


the two fridges

this was reported two months ago



My notes have that this verb should be "genitive". However, the conjugation does not indicate that. What case is this?


Sorry, "sprzedawać" takes Accusative.


what is difference between "szpredac" and "sprzedawac"?


sprzedać is perfective, sprzedawać is imperfective. Perfective verbs cannot be used in the Present Tense, because they denote a specific moment in time.

So here 'sprzedajemy' means either that we are going to sell (Present Continous in the future meaning) or that we are... in the process of selling? Like, imagine, we put both our fridges on eBay.

If it was just "sprzedajemy lodówki" I wouldn't have to go into such interpretations as it would just mean that we sell fridges (for a living, probably).

So, the moment that someone actually buys those fridges, we will be able to say "Sprzedaliśmy/Sprzedałyśmy obie lodówki" (We sold both fridges).


Could you give me a translation using "sprzedac", please?


What about 'We are selling both of the frigdes'


I used to receive a warning if I was typing in another language. Is it gone? I wrote the Polish sentence, but I mistakenly wrote it in Polish, thinking it was a pronunciation exercise but it was a translation one and I had it wrong. If the warning works if you write the sentence in English mistakenly(in a Polish writing exercise) please implement the warning in the reverse situation.


(reverse situation meaning you write a Polish sentence in an English translation exercise)


Frankly, I'm not sure how it works :D But I know that it's not something we are able to do. If you think there's some bug or you want to make a suggestion for a feature/improvement, please write here: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647

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