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  5. "Ben bir elma yiyorum."

"Ben bir elma yiyorum."

Translation:I am eating an apple.

March 10, 2016



What is the difference with yerim?


That would mean: I eat ; I will eat ; I would eat ; I'd like to eat.

So really, anything but "I'm eating right now" :-]


So, there is only "y" left from yemek in yiyorum? :)


This rule explanation has a shortage: Whenever the verb ends with the following vowels: I U İ Ü The -I is removed from the suffix "-Iyor" and become "-yor": Thus, the verb "Uyumak = to sleep" becomes Uyuyorum (uyu + yor + um) in the present continuous tens. On the other hand, (and this is mentioned in the explanation) when the verb ends with the following vowels: A E The A or E is removed from the verb: Thus, the verb "Yemek = to eat" becomes "yiyorum" (y + iyor + um) in the present continuous tens.


MarwanArri, i found the same explanation as yours there: https://www.turkishaholic.com/gb-post/present-continuous-tense/ for the verbs ending with those four vowels: I, u, ü, i.


Is this an irregular form of the eating verb we've seen all along?


This is just the present continuous form, which you are learning in this skill. No irregularities here!


Infinitive: yekmek Stem: yek- (yemek-mek) Imperative: ye! Present continuous: yiyor-

Why isn’t the present continuous yekiyor- instead of yiyor-? Are you sure this verb is regular?


The infinitive is: yemek


Oh, I see...ok. Thank you very much for responding! Funny how I wrote both yekmek and yemek in my comment. ☺


why is it yiyorum and not yeyorum?


If the last letter of a word finishes with a vowel, you drop that and get just the "-iyor" suffix.

Öde-mek (To pay) / "Öd-üyor-um." (I am paying.) Ye-mek (To eat) / "Y-iyor-um." (I am eating.) Bekle-mek (To wait) / "Bekl-iyor-um." (I am waiting.)


Where does the -er- in yerim and yer and yersin and yerlar come from, if the infinitive is yemek?


The r indicates the present simple. Ye-r-im.. Ye-r.. Ye-r-lar.


Consonant Mainstreaming

✔️Ye=eat ✔️-i, -yor,- um(ben/I) =additionals


Mainstreaming letters=y, ş, s, n


İ eat in present indefinite is yerim and in continous tense will be yiyorum: iam eating


Nimra, "i eat"="yerim" at the simple present tense. "Yiyorum"="i am eating" at continuous simple tense. A very useful website about this topic: https://www.verbix.com/languages/turkish.html. You can have each verb at every tense. Enjoy it!


Is the word yiyorum like in present simple?

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