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  5. "I did not feel well."

"I did not feel well."

Translation:Níor mhothaigh mé go maith.

March 10, 2016



Could somebody please enlighten me on the use of - "níor mhothaíos " as suggested in reply to my wrong answer. I appreciate it is different from the translation on this page.

[deactivated user]

    Níor mhothaíos is just another way of saying Níor mhothaigh mé in the same way as mhothaíomar is another way of saying mhothaigh sinn or mhothaigh muid.


    @moloughl. Thank you. I was wondering if there is a set of these for tú, sé, sí, etc. Are these personal prepositions? Can you explain " Chuireas" for me as well. I think it is 1st pers sing ?? Ba mhaith liom do chabhair.

    [deactivated user]

      Generally there is a form for the 1st and 2nd person singular and for 1st, 2nd, 3rd person plural. They vary with the tense of the verb. Here are examples using the verb glan.

      Present tense

      • glanaim (glanann mé ) = I clean
      • glanair (glanann tú )
      • glanann sé/sí
      • glanaimid (glanann sinn/muid )
      • glanann sibh
      • glanaid (glanann siad )

      Past tense

      • ghlanas (ghlan mé ) = I cleaned
      • ghlanais (ghlan tú )
      • ghlan sé/sí
      • ghlanamar (ghlan sinn/muid )
      • ghlanabhair (ghlan sibh )
      • ghlanadar (ghlan siad )

      Habitual Past tense

      • ghlanainn (ghlanadh mé ) = I used to clean
      • ghlantá (ghlanadh tú )
      • ghlanadh sé/sí
      • ghlanaimis (ghlanadh sinn/muid )
      • ghlanadh sibh
      • ghlanaidís (ghlanadh siad )

      Future tense

      • glanfad (glanfaidh mé ) = I will clean
      • glanfair (glanfaidh tú )
      • glanfaidh sé/sí
      • glanfaimid = glanfam (glanfaidh sinn/muid )
      • glanfaidh sibh
      • glanfaid (glanfaidh siad )

      Conditional Mood

      • ghlanfainn (ghlanfadh mé ) = I would clean
      • ghlanfá (ghlanfadh tú )
      • ghlanfadh sé/sí
      • ghlanfaimis (ghlanfadh sinn/muid )
      • ghlanfadh sibh
      • ghlanfaidís (ghlanfadh siad )


      @moloughl Thank you very much for your very comprehensive answer which I will now transcribe and study. I can see that the Chuireas that I referred to is past -tense , I spotted it in the first line of the book M'asal beag dubh. I really appreciate your reply and it will be a great help to this 71 year old - trying to make up for past failures!! Slán agus Beannacht ort.


      Is this the correct way to say "I wasn't feeling well"? What about " Bhí mé gan bheith ar fónamh"?

      [deactivated user]

        I think yours is a much better and more native way of saying it.
        Also I think it could be shortened to Ní rabhas (raibh mé) ar fónamh.

        Other options:
        Ní rabhas agam féin.
        Níor tháinig misneach dom.
        Níor bhraitheas mé féin a bheith go maith. (not so sure of this one)

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